Community lunch with Stevie Wonder.

Today We ( Steve,Me,Megs) went to the Methodist Church in Tonbridge to cook for 42 over 60 year olds. To start with about 25 potatoes needed peeling and cutting up,boy I’ll won’t be peeling a potato for a long time! Megs was a real trouper and peel 10 of the potatoes.
Then we got on to peel three dozen boiled eggs which we then mashed up with a good dollop of mayonnaise,pripaka and cress.

Now hear comes the eye smarting prep which was peeling and cutting up about 12 strong onions, try doing that without your eye make up not running!

Whilst all these were prepared Steve was making cauliflower cheese and glazing a big gammon joint with a honey and mustard glaze,the smells in the kitchen were smelling great.

I was chosen to do the pudding which was an Eton mess. Trying to find the double cream I realised Steve had used nearly all the double cream for the cauliflower cheese! Luckily I found another in the fridge and got on with beating four pints up. Crumbling two dozen meringues in was good fun big and small pieces were mixed in and two tubs of fresh raspberries. It looked really yummy.

Coming to serving up,now that was fun!! three people jostling with plates and food but managed without out dropping anything.

Five minutes rest while they stuffed their faces and then the plates collected and the naughty old people most did not eat their spouts

Eton mess time and Oh No there was not enough so I came to the rescue and found a pack of Meringues and add fruit and a dash of single cream.

Nearly over now with and just helped with collecting the plates up,with the help of Steves mum Rose( funny little thing ).

I loved working along side Steve he was so calm and that meant he managed to make Megs calm when serving the plates to the diners. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to the work along side Steve. Love u my best mate Stevie Wonder.

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