A Grand Man

There was once a Grand Man that I knew,
So tall he was and elegant too.
His eyes were green,so very green,
They shone like an Emerald set in a ring.
His hair was great,he had soft curls.
His heart was so big,as big as the world
You know it’s difficult to describe such a man,
Because his elegance was greater than mine.

You know who this man was that I am describing,
He was my Dad,my friend and my keeper.
So loving,understanding and generous he was,
That everyone who knew him missed him so.
When I think of this Grand Man,
I feel glad that he belonged to me.
Though it was quite short in time
I knew he loved me.
My dad was a Grand Man
I know that this is very,very,True!

Annette Coulstock
This poem was written twenty five years ago for his ten anniversary.

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