I thought it was just an ordinary day on a lovely hot summers day. But it was going to be far from that.

I woke up early with butterflies in my stomach,you see today I was going to do my first ever speech in front of the congregation of Penshurst Church. It was just a little speech and I still remember it and it went like this, ” I go to Primary School and I learn to read,write and do my sums”.

The time came to go down to the church and so I got into Evelyn’s Car  (Oh yeah I was sleeping over night at my mum’s friends) and I thought that I really was going to be sick as the butterflies were fluttering big time.

It only took five minutes to get to the church. When I got into there I had to go sit with the School at the front. I turned around on the bench and looked to see if I knew anyone. My mum was sitting about ten rows back with my brother’s,I waved at her as I had not seen her for two days. She waved back but something seemed wrong she looked very tired and sad.

I guess you are wondering why I had not seen her for two days,well you see my dad had been ill for a long time with heart problems and on the previous Wednesday he had gone up to Guy’s Hospital to have a triple bi_ pass operation on his heart. Mum had been going up and down on the train,but on Friday she stayed overnight next to his bed.

I was happy that she was there at the the church though because that meant my dad was better ‘Didn’t it.’

Finally it was time to stand up with the other girls and boys who were doing speeches my hand who shaking so much that the piece of paper was shaking too. I squeaked out my speech and then waited until it was time to go and sit back down.

The rest of the church service went really slowly and all I was thinking was I want to see my mum.

At last I found myself walking out of the church and I saw my mum and ran to her and gave her a great big cuddle. She held me so hard it hurt,I looked up at her face and she looked like she was about to cry. I stood back and said “Mummy what’s wrong,is Daddy better”.

Suddenly from behind I heard an old lady say to my mummy “Jenny I have just heard about John and I am so sorry he was such a lovely man”.I looked her my mum and her face had a lost look and I knew that my daddy had died.

I ran then so fast into the vicarage’s garden tears were streaming down my face,my Lovely Daddy was dead and I was never going to see him again!! I heard people running after me but all I could think was that I wanted to die too,so I ran faster to get away, suddenly I fell down and then I felt myself being lifted up into someone’s arms, I looked up and it was the Mr Kulemenen the younger vicar.I looked up at him and said”My daddy’s dead”. I think I fainted then.

I woke up on a strange sofa and looked around I saw my mum holding a cup of something, she saw me and came over and just held me for a long time. I looked and said,”Mummy is he dead” and she said,”Yes,oh dear God,Yes”. 

The world seemed to stop then I did not know what to do I mean I was only nine years old and my Daddy was dead,that was not right. I had said good bye to him five days ago never thinking that I would never see him again.

I looked at my mum then and realised I had to look after her now, I took hold of her hand and said,”Mummy I will look after you,

don’t worry”. And then I just climbed on to her lap and lay quietly in her arms.

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